Reuters Press Release Distribution Service | MarketWatch Press Release Distribution Service

We at NewswireNEXT are thrilled to introduce our latest Featured News Story Service, where our clients will be able to publish their press release directly on sites like and

There are total four packages. If you already have an AP style press release ready for publication, that’s fresh and has not been published anywhere, you can choose our $499 packs (Reuters or MarketWatch). However, if you want us to write a press release for you (up to 400 words), you can choose our $599 packs.

Please make sure to read the FAQs and our Refund Policy below, prior to placing any order:

Reuters Press Release Distribution Service


$499 Publications Only!


$599 Writing + Publication!

MarketWatch Press Release Distribution Service


$499 Publications Only!


$599 Writing + Publication!


What’s your refund policy?

We have a ZERO refund policy. We do not offer refund for job that has been done successfully on our part. We only offer refund for those press releases that we fail to publish/syndicate (Transaction fees will not be refunded). Please visit our Refund and Cancellation Policy page for further info.

What topics you can’t promote?

Due to strict editorial guidelines, we can’t promote topics that are related to:

  • Bitcoins and cryptocurrency (Not accepted by Reuters, but accepted by MarketWatch)
  • Gambling, betting and casino
  • Porn, adult, dating, and escorts sites
  • Academic writing service
  • Politics, racism and criticism
  • Online streaming sites
  • Discounts
  • Selling social media followers or likes
  • Supplements, drugs or weight loss products
  • PBN
  • Making money online
  • Vaping and E-cigarettes
  • Jailbreaking, hacks and cheats
  • Lawsuit and defamation
  • Loans and mortgages

(However, if you are unsure about your niche, kindly message us)

Can you make further changes once my press release is distributed or published?

Sorry, we can’t. Once the press release is sent out for distribution or published, we can’t make any further changes. When you place the order, your press release will be considered as a final DRAFT, and will be sent out immediately for publication. Hence, we recommend you to double check your press release DRAFT prior to placing order.

How it’s different from traditional press release distribution?

When it comes to traditional press release distribution, a single press release is syndicated to hundreds of sites, and the links are no-follow. However, here your press release will be published exclusively on or (Whichever site you choose), and will be further syndicated to a maximum of 1 or 2 partner sites only. Hence, the links in press release will be do-follow.

Moreover, a press release sent via traditional means is not permanent, and is deleted by the news sites after a month or two. However, here your press release won’t be removed and will be LIVE like other news stories on their website (Subject to their Terms of Conditions and Policies).

Are the Links Do-follow?

Yes, like stated above, here the Links will be do-follow. Since, the press release is being published on only one site as a news story, and syndicated to 1 or 2 other partner sites.

How many backlinks you can add in a press release?

We can add 1 or 2 backlinks in a press release.

Are pictures allowed?

Reuters- Yes, 1 picture.

MarketWatch- Sorry, no pictures allowed.

Will the post be indexed in Google?

Yes, the post will be indexed in Google.

Can I claim “As Seen On”?

Of course you can claim As Seen On Reuters or MarketWatch, since a whole featured news about you and your company is being published on above-mentioned websites.

What’s your TAT?

It usually takes us 5 to 10 days to deliver full work. However, please note that we do not work from Friday evening onwards to the weekend!