The Best Guest Posting Service

The top guest posting service will be able to drive the future growth of your company, both in terms of the new website traffic that you will see and in terms of sales and conversions. The ultimate goal of any guest blog outreach service is to drive traffic from a high-authority website to your website via the inclusion of high-quality links.

Where the real magic happens, though, is behind the scenes. That’s because guest posting on high-quality blogs is one of the most important ways that you can become more visible in search engine results. That’s especially true with Google, which places a huge premium on high-quality links pointing to a specific website. The more links pointing to that website, the higher is the assumed authority and credibility of that website.

Thus, by using a guest posting service, you are not just building short-term traffic to your website as the result of a few well-placed posts, you are actually setting the foundation for long-term growth. The more guest posts that appear on the web, the more likely that Google (and other search engines) will give your website a higher search engine ranking. If done correctly, your company may soon be appearing on the first page of Google search results, which is the only place you want to be if you are serious about driving growth at your company.

How It Works

At this point, you’re probably wondering: “OK, how does it work?” The process is actually relatively straightforward – all that’s needed is the URL’s of your website, blog post and your company’s product/service page, and their respective different anchor texts that will help us determine the best type of guest blog post.

From there, we will reach out to our ever-growing network of journalists, writers and bloggers with the basic concept for the article. At the same time, we will be identifying potential blogs and blog owners where the content can be posted. This ensures a near-perfect match between the type of content being created and the type of content already on that resident blog.

Once the content has been submitted and published by the blog, we are able to generate a report with the live link. You will then be able to see where your guest post content “lives” on the web, including the actual links in that article.


Why Choose NewswireNEXT Guest Blogging Service?

Based on its extensive experience in the PR and media relations business, NewswireNEXT has built up a significant network of bloggers, journalists and industry influencers. Thus, we can guarantee that the content produced will be 100% authentic, genuine and informative. It will be content that has been custom-designed with a single website or blog in mind, which makes it very powerful for attracting website visitors and generating clicks on that content.

Powerful In-Content Links

The best part of these guest blog posts is that this is the type of content that has been shown to be most effective in both promoting Google search engine optimization and in generating website traffic. For example, a guest post on an authoritative technology blog linking to your company’s services is going to have to two key results. First, it will automatically generate additional traffic to your website, where people will be able to buy your products and services. Secondly, it will result in your company’s website appearing higher in Google search results.

The reason why in-content links from a guest blog post are so extraordinarily powerful is because you are tapping into all the accumulated “Google juice” of another blog or website. Maybe your company is still relatively new and your corporate blog is only a few months old. But compare that to a trusted blog that’s been around for 5, 10 or even 20 years – just think of how much more powerful it is to “piggyback” on that type of established web presence.

What Makes Us Different?

There are several different reasons why NewswireNEXT has the best guest posting service:

  • 100% unique services that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Focus on quality, not quantity
  • Relationships with websites, blogs, and industry influencers
  • Authentic, 100% original content that has been tailored to specific audiences
  • All content created by hand, nothing automated

The real key to our success is in creating the type of valuable web content that people want to read naturally. We are not creating advertorials or keyword-stuffing articles in the hopes of “tricking” Google. Since we are reaching out directly to blog owners and contributors, who are trusting us to post quality content, there is an overwhelming focus on creating high-value, highly-targeted content.

What is Blogger Outreach or Guest Blog Service?

What is important to keep in mind is that there are two different parts of the Guest Posting Service. One is reaching out to various blogs and blog owners with the idea for an original blog post. This is known as blogger outreach. The other part of the equation is the actual creation of the new, original content that will reside on that blog. This is known as guest blogging.

In many ways, the two terms are interchangeable – but there is one key distinction here that’s worth noting. Blogger outreach can only be successful if blog owners and bloggers trust you – they are essentially creating an opportunity for you to get the word out about your products and services, and so they are very careful about whom they work with. When you partner with NewswireNEXT, you are able to tap into our powerful relationships that already exist.


Why Use a Blogger Outreach Service?

There are three primary reasons to use a blogger outreach service:

  • Time savings – There is a significant time investment required to identify blogs, contact owners, and follow-up with necessary details. We save you time by taking care of all of this.
  • Cost savings – Guest blogging is a form of digital marketing with a proven ROI. Instead of wasting your money on forms of advertising that don’t work (such as banner ads), you are optimizing your overall marketing spend.
  • Customization – When we outreach to bloggers, we are doing so with the goal of creating a highly tailored blog post customized for your needs, right down to the exact words that you’d like to see appear as anchor texts.

You can think of blogger outreach as an investment in the future. You are building important relationships with influencers in the industry who can help your business grow.

Top 3 Benefits of Guest Posting Services

Guest blogging is a valuable marketing tool, regardless of the size of your organization. In today’s digital marketing world, all companies must think like media companies, and that includes publishing content about your company on key destinations around the web where potential customers can learn about your products and services. With that in mind, here are the 3 primary benefits of a guest posting service:

  • Quality traffic and website authority – You are getting high-quality links that are pointing directly at your company’s website (and, if you’d like, also to specific product pages). This generates traffic for you as soon as people click on those links. And as more links point to your website, that helps with Google search authority rankings.
  • Exposure and awareness – For any company, the path to greater awareness is simply having your name mentioned by potential customers. When they are in the market for a particular product, your company’s name should be front-and-center. That’s the power of a guest posting service – you are tapping into a very powerful form of marketing that’s designed to increase your overall visibility online. This is content that will be read by influencers and industry experts, as well as potential prospects.
  • Sales and conversions – Ultimately, the reason why you are sending people to your website is to make a final conversion. For different companies, there might be different types of conversion goals. Most obviously, you would like to convert prospects into customers via a sale. Or, you could be trying to get people to sign up for a newsletter or other email promotion. Maybe you are just trying to get people to watch a certain product video.

The point here is that guest posting can help you meet and achieve a real, tangible business goal – including the ability to increase revenue and boost sales.


Blogs remain one of the most trusted publishing platforms on the web today. In fact, 61% of people have purchased an item after reading about it on a blog. So there is a strong incentive to get people talking about your products and services. And what better way than by posting compelling, informative content on high-value, authoritative sites.

Imagine some of the world’s top tech bloggers talking about your new software offering, or some of the world’s top business bloggers talking about your new business launch. That type of organic outreach is possible via guest posting services from NewswireNEXT. We’ve developed relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry, and our strong track record shows that we are posting content on blogs and websites where future customers are actually hanging out. If you are serious about growing your business with a proven, high ROI marketing technique, then you need to consider blogger outreach and guest posting services from NewswireNEXT.