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Promoting an Event via Press Release

Press releases are one of the most used tools in public relations (PR).  They are carefully worded documents designed to be picked up by journalists and targeted audiences.  If distributed well, a press releases showcasing you event they have many benefits, such as affordability, direct impact, and being perceived as trustworthy.  This article reviews the purpose of event press release distribution, and the benefits it can bring to your event.


What is event press release distribution? 

An event press release distribution is an announcement of the details of an upcoming event you or your client are holding in the near future.  The purposes of an event press release distribution is to attract the attention of the relevant press audience (local, national, or international, depending on the scope of the event), gain press coverage, and drive attendance at the event, thus making it more profitable or impactful.

Distributing the event press release must be done with care; the first step in creating and distributing a press release must be to consider the event’s audience, such as its size, demographic, gender, or location.  The press release should be laid out in a recognized and standardized format, to appeal to news agencies.  This will include an eye-grabbing headline, some strong first few lines which set the scene and a paragraph at the end, which includes the details of your company, why the event is being held, and relevant contact information.  This is called the ‘boilerplate’.

The final considering is thinking about how to distribute the press release.  This could be self-distribution, such as posting it on your own website or social media channels, reaching out direct to media outlets, or using a press release distribution service such as NewswireNEXT.


Benefits of event press release distribution.

Press releases are far cheaper than many other PR tools.  Distributing press releases directly can make them even cheaper, but even if you choose to use a distribution service, making use of ‘pay as you go’ deals and introductory offers means that you can have your event press release professionally distributed for a very affordable fee.

  • Cost.

These distribution services will also offer packages enabling you to re-release your event press release or publish additional ones, keeping it quite cheap to sustaining your PR reach.  Given that press releases will appear in media, their impact (if distributed effectively) can be similar to an advertising campaign, albeit at a fraction of the price.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Press releases are known to have indirect SEO Value. A correctly formatted and worded press release will trend higher in terms of SEO.  Frequent event press releases, or ones which are especially professional or target key media outlets, will gain even further traction.

  • Trust

 If released by the right outlets to the right audience, an event press release looks professional and boosts your event’s brand image and its reputation. A press release gives off an air of credibility and excitement, building trust in your target audience.

  • Direct impact with your target audience.

Event press releases are a way of ‘advertising’ your event without actually using advertising.  This might appeal to people who do not look at advertisements or are less impacted by them.  When pitched directly at your target audience, your event press please will be especially effective as it will not appear like advertising, as it will instead appeal to their interests and their needs.  Therefore, when executed well, event press releases have a direct impact with your target audience as they will be viewed as informative, useful, authentic, and appealing.

Event press release distribution is all about its execution.  If done well, this accessible and practical way of raising awareness of your event can be cost effective, powerful, and efficient.  Care must be taken in creating your event press release and distributing it to the right people in the right way.