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NewswireNEXT is the only Global Press Release Distribution Service that GUARANTEES placement of your Business News on Top Tier outlets and syndication on more than 600 authoritative online news and media outlets spanning from the U.S. to Asia, including TV affiliates of NCN, PBS, FOX, NBS, CBS, and Google News, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines. Ours is a Comprehensive White Label Press Release Package that ensures maximum media pickup and exposure for just $299.

Claim “As Seen On” with Media Logos

With NewswireNEXT press release distribution service, you can claim “As Seen On” with Media Logos for yourself, your website, business, product and service.

As a new company or startup, it’s quite crucial for you to build an initial reputation. However, to do so you need to get media coverage for your brand. Press releases are considered to be one of the fastest and cheapest ways of getting your business or startup featured in media. By syndicating your business press release on authoritative news sites, you can immediately boost your brand authority.

Preferred Choice for Businesses, Resellers and PR Agencies

  • We at NewswireNEXT do not charge any membership fee.
  • Our press release distribution packages are white label by default.
  • Hence, there’s no need to register with our site or pay any extra premium for white label services.

Most businesses, especially resellers and agencies do not like the idea of distributor’s name being mentioned on their news release and syndicated posts. With that in mind, we have made our press release distribution packages White Label. In other words, our name will not be mentioned anywhere in the press release, syndicated posts and distribution report. And we are not charging any additional premium for it!

NewswireNEXT Featured Work

Press releases are one of the most effective public relation tools available to any business – in both online formats and traditional media. For maximum benefit, they must be published in the appropriate resources, an achievement for which is well-known.

Top on our list is NewswireNEXT. Founded by Akshat Thapa, NewswireNEXT is an industry-leading modern press release distribution company. What this means for the modern PR professional is that NewswireNEXT can actually get your company’s business news show up on some of the leading, tier one broadcast networks. –

Finding the top press release distribution service is now easier than it has ever been before. A lot depends on your underlying business goals. If your company is simply looking for exposure on some of the world’s top media websites, then the clear No. 1 choice is NewswireNEXT. –


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