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Attention: There are certain topics and content that are prohibited and not allowed for distribution, e.g. Hate pieces, Criticism, Lawsuits, Politics, Blog Posts, Defamatory content with the intent to harm, Gambling, Betting, Casino, Porn, Sexual content, Reviews, Tobacco, Alcohol, Health Supplements, Get-rich-quick schemes, Piggybacking, Unauthorized celebrity namedrops, False associations, Baseless medical claims, and Unapproved testing kits.

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If you want Press Release Writing Service too, please choose our $1199 Writing + Distribution option.

This plan is inclusive of press release writing (300 to 400 words) with distribution. Our press release writing team consists of fully trained American writers who specialize in writing clear and crisp AP style news releases of the highest quality.

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*Here Yahoo Sites Refer to submission and publication on Yahoo group of sites like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Money, and Yahoo Lifestyle to name a few.

How to get published on Yahoo Finance and News with NewswireNEXT?

Nothing screams “legitimate” quite like an article about your business or brand on a well-known news site like Yahoo News or Yahoo Finance. Anyone who Google’s your name will be able to find the pieces online, and they’ll instantly make you look like a big deal. It’s marketing gold — but how exactly can you go about securing these features?

As you might know already, you can’t submit your content straight to Yahoo since they don’t accept press releases, and any PR firm that specializes in getting you published on big-name sites will charge a steep fee. Fortunately, there’s a third option: A news wire service or authorized source, which helps to get your story in front of the right eyes.

Some providers charge between $2-3k for this kind of service, and even then, you’re only given exposure on 50 to 200 sites. Enter NewswireNEXT, a more affordable service with incredible reach. For just $999 not only does NewswireNEXT gets your press release published on Yahoo News, Yahoo Money, and Yahoo Finance, but it also gets your press release on top finance sites like Bloomberg, Nasdaq, MarketWatch, Menafn, and Benzinga to name a few.

What are the benefits of publishing press releases in Yahoo Finance and Yahoo news?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you already have a good idea of why getting published on Yahoo can be so beneficial, but it’s worth running through the key points.

Above all, this kind of exposure will do wonders for your online presence. Sites like Yahoo have great SEO, so any articles published there will tend to feature prominently on Google when people are researching your company.

A credible article is like a seal of approval that you run a legitimate business, which is great news when you’re trying to convince investors to get involved. It also allows you to position yourself as a more premium business. Why not place a banner on your site saying “As Seen On Yahoo News” or similar? This instantly lends you more credibility.

News articles can also help you to reach more people. Imagine putting out your story and knowing it will be read by thousands (or even millions) of people — some of those could become loyal customers. But the exposure won’t end with those who were aware of you and researching you already or those who stumble across the article on the Yahoo homepage — people may discover you through Google in the future when searching for queries related to your article.

Many journalists and other news outlets will check out sites like Yahoo for inspiration on stories they can cover, which means your article could get picked up by another site. Further increasing your exposure, meaning you can harness the benefits outlined above all over again.

When to Submit a Press Release on Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo News?

The great thing about sites like Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance is that they’re so versatile and varied. A wide range of stories get published, but here are a few examples of topics you could cover:

  • Launches of stores, businesses, or websites
  • Launches of creative projects like books or films
  • New partnerships and acquisitions
  • Announcements about crypto projects, tokens, or ICOs
  • Award wins
  • New hires for an organization
  • Findings from research or surveys
  • Launch of new product ranges or services
  • Breaking news related to a business or organization
  • Upcoming events (e.g., festival or charity gala)
  • Campaign launch

Over to you

Getting published on a credible site like Yahoo can make a business or brand, and it’s not as impossible to achieve as some people think — using a service like NewswireNEXT is a real game changer.

Anyone can understand the potential value of being published on sites like Yahoo News or Yahoo Finance, but it takes a true rockstar to execute on that advice. Are you prepared to do what it takes to get your story out there?