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Be Google Safe: Unlike new less experienced agencies, we do not promote our service as SEO, Traffic generating, or Ranking service, as we follow all the latest rules and guidelines of Google regarding content syndication. Almost a decade ago, after Google’s latest algorithm update Panda 4.0, Google penalized such agencies and the websites of their clients for abusing press release distribution for SEO, link building, search engine spamming, and traffic. News wire syndication services were never meant for search engine optimization, traffic, or keyword ranking. Using News wire or content syndication service for SEO, link building, keyword ranking, or search engine spamming leads to Google penalty.

We are one of those few Early Pioneering Agencies that introduced “As Seen On” authority media citations services to the market.

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Don’t know how to write a Press Release?

No problem! You can choose our Gold $299 option below, which is inclusive of press release writing too (we write an authority 300-400 words AP Style press release for you).

All our press releases are written by North American writers who specialize in writing Professional Associated Press Style Press Releases.

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Gold $299
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 Published on NCN RFDTV SNNTV Digital Journal
 Submitted to MENAFN & Markets Financial Content
 Submitted to Google News & Bing News
 Guaranteed 350+ pickup links Report
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Read How to use As Seen On with Media Logos…Here

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have purchased our $299 Gold plan, we require the following info:

If you are promoting yourself as a professional, please provide us with your full name, website link, bio, achievements (if any), brief regarding what news you want to promote about you, and any other info that you think is necessary for MS Word file.


If you are promoting your business/website/products/services or anything, please provide us with your business name, website/storefront link, achievements (if any), brief regarding what news you want to promote about your business and any other info that you think is necessary in MS Word file.


What you can do is simply provide us with your website link, and we will come up with a newsworthy press release for you. However, edits won’t be possible in such a case.

Criticism, Politics, Political issues, Political Campaign, Lawsuits, Legal Cases, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, CBD, Cannabis-related stuff, Explicit Music, Dating, Porn, Sexually-explicit Content, Adult-oriented material, Casino, Gambling, Betting, Supplements, Medicines, Weight loss products, Medical alternatives, MLM, Make money from home, Get rich schemes, Expressing negative views, Defamation, Slander, Product reviews, Unlocking the phone, Jailbreaking a phone, Vaping products, Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, Racism, Violence, Selling social media traffic, Likes and Followers.

If you are choosing our $199 Pack, all you have to do is provide us with an already written press release, one picture (not Mandatory), and Business info (Name, email, country, website/storefront/social media link, etc.) for MEDIA CONTACT Section (Please do not share your private contact information, as this info will be visible to all, including readers).

However, make sure your press release is in 3rd person narrative. First-person (I, Me, My, We, Us, Our, etc.) and second-person (You, Your, etc.) voices are not considered newsworthy, except in quotations (Example: CEO Quotes, Customer Quotes, etc.). Press Release Examples can be found here.

Once your press release is syndicated to all the sites, we send you a full distribution Report with all the Live links to 350+ News sites, including Digital Journal, NCN, RFD-TV, and FOX NBC CBS Local Affiliate Sites. After which, you can claim As Seen On with media logos for your social media profile, website, products/services, and marketing materials.

Bonus: Also, we will send you a free As seen On Logos Banner*, which you can paste on your website, profile pictures, and marketing materials.

*We will not create a new custom As Seen On banner for you. You’ll have to hire an independent logo designer for that purpose.

No registration is required, and there are no basic eligibility criteria! You can simply place your order, and benefit from our service.

Simply anybody from any country can use this service to Claim “As Seen On” Media for themselves, their company/website, or products/services.

Examples include Solo Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Corporations, Mom & Pop stores, Shopify Stores, Podcasts, Publicly Traded Firms, Professionals, Chefs, Restaurants, Artists, Authors, Actors, Movies, Music (Non-Explicit), Events, Ecommerce Sites, Plumbers, Automobiles, Mentors, Speakers, Athletes, Coaches, Dentists, Surgeons, Real Estate, Fashion, Jewelry, Automobiles, Gaming, Apps, Crowdfunding, Legal, Politicians, Fitness Centers, etc.

No! Your PR will be published on local affiliate websites of FOX NBC CBS ABC like fox 34, WBOC, KTVN, etc. However, you will have full rights to use “As Seen On” FOX NBC CBS, etc. since these are the local affiliates (local news stations) of these major broadcast networks.

Yes, you can use As Seen On with Media Logos on your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials.

Today, a mere mention or insertion of your company name or quote in some totally random guest post written by an independent guest post seller or contributor who does not even represent that business journal/magazine/news company enables you to use As Seen On with that media brand.

Then why not here?

In fact, a whole fully-dedicated feature post is being published by us about you on those Broadcast news network sites.

If you don’t know, a Press Release is one of the oldest forms of Public Relations Tools that date back to 1906.

Also, press releases hold more Authority than your Paid Guest Post Articles, since press releases are OFFICIAL STATEMENTS issued by the distributor on your behalf. Not some casual guest post article that includes 20 quotes from 20 people and mentions of 40 companies in one random post.

In simpler terms, when it comes to “As Seen On Media Services” and “Authority Media Citations Services”, Guest Posting Services are Poor Cousins of Authority Media Citations Services that take one to two months on average to get the post approved, and charge you Thousands of Dollars for just mentioning your name in some random post.

No! Press release posts are not permanent. They are purged by the news sites after a few months, once the news becomes old. However, that does not affect your rights to use As Seen On. Because once you are cited on these News sites, you have lifelong rights to claim As Seen On (Not applicable in case of a refund or cancellation of your order).

Moreover, if you want, you can take screenshots of your news articles and save them with you as proof. Though, it’s not mandatory.

It’s quite easy to take Screenshots of your News Articles, and it totally free. There are many Free Website Screenshot tools and Google Chrome Extensions available over the internet, which allow you to capture a full screenshot of your published press release.