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Guaranteed Pickups   350 to 700 Links Report  350 to 700 Links Report  350 to 700 Links Report  350 to 700 Links Report
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Submitted to Bloomberg & Nasdaq (Pickup not guaranteed, but pickup success rate is 95%)


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*Here Yahoo Sites Refer to submission and publication on Yahoo group of sites like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Money, and Yahoo Lifestyle to name a few.

NewswireNEXT Bitcoin Press Release Distribution Service Explained!

A key element in any successful blockchain marketing strategy is being able to generate attention for your new blockchain or cryptocurrency offering via a press release distribution service. Whether you are looking to bring in new investors for your Initial Coin Offering (ICO), attract attention for a new blockchain integration project, or alert journalists and members of the media about important news events related to your cryptocurrency, you need a distinctive press release distribution strategy than can get the word out quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Why choose NewswireNEXT’s ICO press release distribution service?

When it comes to Pricing, features and Number of Pickups, NewswireNEXT is indeed the cheap and best press release distribution service for cryptocurrency startups, Blockchain Technology companies and organizations. NewswireNEXT has a proven track record of distributing newsworthy, high-impact stories that generate the highest ROI in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

The key to our success is the ability to distribute your news story to a massive network of more than 400 top-tier media sites, including some of the most popular news website destinations on the Internet at a highly affordable flat price. Most Bitcoin press release distribution agencies and Blockchain PR companies charge you anywhere from $4000 to $20000 for one single press release. However, NewswireNEXT charges just $359 for distribution of your press release to major news media websites, making it affordable for solo entrepreneurs, small to mid size companies, agencies and marketers who want to use press release distribution service as a part of their PR campaign.

Moreover, NewswireNEXT guarantees instant indexing of your news story on leading search engines such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo and Bing – all of which can help boost the visibility of your brand and bring in a constant stream of new online visitors. As a result, NewswireNEXT is the preferred blockchain marketing tool for any cryptocurrency startup looking to gain maximum media attention.

How a press release distribution service can help your blockchain project?

Press releases are designed to help companies achieve certain tactical and strategic marketing goals. For example, one strategic goal might be “raising awareness of my company in the cryptocurrency market.” That, in turn, might be followed by a series of tactical goals, such as boosting the number of visitors to a website, increasing the number of followers on social media, or getting a certain number of people to show up for an event. This combination of tactical and strategic goals is what helps to determine your overall blockchain or cryptocurrency marketing strategy.

With this in mind, there are a variety of specific reasons why you might be looking to use a press release to implement your strategy, and each of these requires a slightly different approach to the process of writing and distributing the cryptocurrency press release. Here are just a few of the most common reasons:


  • Raise awareness about a new blockchain integration project
  • Attract attention for a new cryptocurrency launch or upcoming ICO
  • Alert industry media to a future blockchain industry event
  • Attract new website visitors to your main website or social media pages
  • Attract new investors for an upcoming ICO or crowdsale
  • Build industry buzz around an upcoming alpha/beta release
  • Generate media attention around an upcoming interview or AMA
  • Showcase new blockchain or cryptocurrency partners
  • Boost market awareness about a new app, wallet or crowdfunding project
  • Inform crypto market participants about a new fork, airdrop or bounty

Importance of Blockchain Press Release Distribution Service

Most press releases are timed to go out around a future upcoming date – such as the date of an upcoming ICO – or after the conclusion of a major event (such as the conclusion of a major blockchain industry event in which your company picked up an award, prize or other form of recognition). Since any company will have a constant series of these events, milestones or achievements, it is important to view press releases as an important ongoing part of your overall blockchain marketing strategy, and not simply as a “one-off” arrangement. By sending out a constant series of these press releases to members of the media, you can remain top-of-mind with them and showcase the ongoing evolution of your company, project or startup venture.

When you work with a press release distribution leader like NewswireNEXT, you get 24/7 access to one of the most experienced teams in the PR industry. Based on our experience working with blockchain startups, we can ensure every cryptocurrency press release follows these core guidelines in order to achieve maximum media exposure.

Final Thoughts

At all times, your cryptocurrency press release should be factual rather than promotional. In other words, it should be filled with facts, information and data rather than just a lot of high-concept language that you might expect to find in a sales and marketing brochure. And, even though there is a lot that goes into a successful cryptocurrency press release, it is important to keep the body of the document as short as possible (500 words maximum). And it almost goes without saying that your press release should be completely free of grammatical errors, typos or other mistakes. By following these rules of thumb, you will be able to tighten up your press release in order to make it as impactful as possible.

Once your press release is ready to go, NewswireNEXT can help you plan the appropriate timing for it (including any form of press embargo), as well as to target specific industries, verticals or groups of online influencers. At the end of the day, your press release will end up in the hands of the writers, journalists, bloggers and influencers who can help to spread the word about your blockchain or cryptocurrency startup.