NewswireNEXT is dedicated to high-quality news articles that are relevant for both the general public and finance professionals. To ensure our content meets these standards, we reserve the right to turn down news releases if any of the following apply:

Bad headlines — A press release headline should be newsworthy and relevant to the issuer.

Adverts or spam — Poorly written press release that sounds like a sales copy, advertisement or promotes spam with false claims will be rejected.

Irrelevant content — If a press release doesn’t contain any news a media outlet could report, it isn’t worth distributing.

Bad writing — We need to maintain certain quality standards, so articles should be well-written and clear.
Problems with contact information — All press releases must contain a complete set of contact information, and it also needs to be credible.

Keyword stuffing — Filling a news release with keywords or keyword phrases can harm a press release’s quality and credibility.

Prohibited content — There are certain topics and article styles that we can’t include in the press releases we distribute. These include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • Hate pieces — Personal opinions that could harm or show bias against a person or group aren’t allowed.
  • Blog posts — We only distribute news, not blogs, letters, opinion pieces, or similar.
  • Defamatory content with the intent to harm — If your press release expresses hatred or prejudice toward a particular individual or group, encourages violence toward them, or defames a company in a way that could hurt its profitability, we can’t publish it.
  • Sexual content — Any sexually explicit language and mention of sexual products must be omitted from your material.
  • Health supplements — We also can’t accept information about pharmaceuticals, vitamins, or supplements that claim to enhance sexual performance.
  • Get-rich-quick schemes — No mentions of multi-level marketing schemes (MLM), networking marketing, or other schemes related to earning money are permitted.
  • Piggybacking — All content must be original, so avoid using the name and ticker symbol of someone else without authorization.
  • Unauthorized celebrity namedrops — If you mention a celebrity or include their likeness, you must have authorized consent from a credible contact.
  • Self-marketing — Press releases focused on self-promotion and raising your profile aren’t classed as “newsworthy” and will be rejected.
  • Baseless medical claims — Don’t claim that treatments and devices can help to treat COVID-19 or other diseases unless there is a medical consensus that this is true.
  • False associations — News releases cannot claim or imply they have an association with official or governmental associations.
  • Unapproved testing kits — Omit any mention of home testing kits unless they’ve been approved by Regulatory Clearance and Approval.

Additional Guidelines for Cryptocurrency Releases

If you’re submitting a press release related to cryptocurrency and blockchain topics, make sure you also comply with the following guidelines:

  • CoinMarketCap (CMC) listing — Any cryptocurrencies, platforms, wallets, or exchanges mentioned must have a CoinMarketCap listing as either an ICO or a tracked listing.
  • Verified NFT projects only — NFT projects must also be on the CoinMarketCap list of verified NFTs as either a Verified NFT or Tracked Listing for at least one data partner (full list here).
  • No mention of mining rigs or cloud miners — Our network can’t publish press releases related to mining rigs or cloud miners.
  • No crypto scam recovery services — We also don’t accept press releases on theft asset recovery, scam recovery, or similar.
  • No piggybacking — Don’t make comparisons to other crypto assets or piggyback off other content.
  • No investment advice — Avoid giving opinions or advice about investing.
  • Verified contact — Always include credible contact information for someone who can verify the information provided.
  • Clarify purpose — All press releases should provide some kind of news or announcement, so make sure the purpose is immediately clear.