Press Release Distribution in UAE, Dubai, Gulf, Middle East and North Africa

Just $299

PR Outreach and Distribution Service (Arabic and English): Your news release is distributed in Arabic and English to journalists and news outlets in Arabic speaking countries like UAE (all seven Emirates including Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya.
Once the distribution is complete, we monitor the media coverage and provide you with the clipping report.
NewswireNEXT offers best press release distribution services in English and Arabic throughout North Africa, Gulf countries in Middle East, and the Arab World.

What we guarantee?

We guarantee pick up (publication) by at least 10 to 20 news sites.

What we need from you?

You need to provide us with both English and Arabic Versions of your press release for better pick up and results.

Though, it’s not mandatory, you can provide just one language version (Arabic or English).

Some key points to consider before placing order:

  • No changes can be made once the release has been distributed or published
  • Double check your draft before placing order, as we will not be responsible for errors in your press release
  • Make sure to send us the final draft that’s ready for distribution
  • We do not offer writing or translation service
  • You need to provide us with the press release

Arabic Press Release Distribution in MENA (Gulf Countries, Middle East, North Africa & Arab World)

Just $299