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If you want Press Release Writing Service too, please choose our $559 or $1199 Writing + Distribution option.

These two packages are inclusive of press release writing (300 to 400 words) with distribution. Our press release writing team consists of fully trained American writers who specialize in writing clear and crisp AP style NFT/Crypto/Blockchain news releases of the highest quality.

FEATURES Standard $359 Standard Pro $559 Corporate $999 Corporate Pro $1199
Guaranteed Pickups   350 to 700 Links Report  350 to 700 Links Report  350 to 700 Links Report  350 to 700 Links Report
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Submitted to Bloomberg & Nasdaq (Pickup not guaranteed, but pickup success rate is 95%)


Global Distribution Via Vertical News Network


Submission to Top Finance Sites (Placement Guaranteed on at least 2 sites with $999 & higher plans)


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*Here Yahoo Sites Refer to submission and publication on Yahoo group of sites like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Money, and Yahoo Lifestyle to name a few.

What is NFT Press Release Distribution?

Press releases are perfect for public relations campaigns. They add tremendous value to PR activities through a number of key benefits; their affordability, the ease in which they can reach specific target audiences, how they can seamlessly tie in to branding processes, as well the potential for swift and easy sustainment over a period of time.
The advantages of using press releases don’t stop here. They also drive people, brands and organizations forward by improving their image, reputation, and visibility. This in turn has a measurable impact on prestige, recognition, and revenues. Because of these reasons, press release distribution is perfect for promoting non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a product that needs comprehensive, modern, and accurate marketing. Below mentioned are the ten main benefits of NFT press release distribution.

What Are the Benefits of NFT Press Release Distribution?

If created in the right way and crafted with care, a press release can be incredibly powerful for your NFT product. Here are ten of the main benefits:

Connections with PR firms: Press release distribution can often be a rolling or regular service, ensuring that your NFT product or service builds lasting connections with influential PR firms with broad media contacts.
Creation of new marketing channels: Press releases can help you expand into new markets and media, ensuring the opening of new PR channels for you.

Cost effectiveness: Compared to traditional media coverage such as printed advertising, press, or television, press release distribution comes in at a fraction of the price and can often combine many different mediums for less money.

Increased brand credibility: Press release distribution services work with established media outlets to give your brand professional exposure. This is a great way to establish and maintain credibility.

Quick exposure to audiences: Press release distribution works with established and reliable audience channels. This can mean that your products get swift coverage to the right people, in the right way.

Positive sales impact: Press releases can have a measurable impact on revenue, providing they impact the right audiences.

Return customers: Press releases ensure a consistent message and therefore are instrumental in the creation (or sustainment) of a brand and its reputation. This can result in plenty of return business.

SEO benefits: Press release distribution services often throw in SEO enhancements as part of the deal, assuring your NFT product is bumped higher up search rankings.

Social media leverage: Press releases can be published via social media, ensuring that your FTS message can be socially shared, far and wide.
Website traffic / clicks / impressions: Press releases can link directly to your website, resulting in a spike in traffic that is ebay to sustain in the long term.

What are the different types of NFT’s you can promote?

Think of NFTs, and it’s common to think of collectible online images, or artworks. There are however, a lot more different types of NFTs than this, and the list is growing longer as the industry expands. Some comment types of NFTs are listed below:

• Artworks.
• Collectible virtual trading cards.
• Domain names.
• In-game items.
• Limited release event tickets.
• Memes.
• Music files.
• Non-virtual items (such as real estate).
• Video clips (e.g. of sporting events).
• Virtual fashion.

Essentially, NFTs can relate to any form of original online content. The value of some NFTs is increasing exponentially, and therefore interest in these products is growing too. Effective press release distribution is a great way to take advantage of this flourishing market.
NFTs are growing quickly and diversifying even faster. Therefore, typical or ‘traditional’ forms of marketing will not be effective in being used to promote NFTs. Press release distribution is flexible, agile and perfectly suited to the fast moving world of NFTs, and can bring many benefits to your products, services and brand. Press releases are also cost effective, meaning that using them to promote your NFTs products is becoming nothing short of essential.