White Label Press Release Distribution

What is White Label Press Release?

White label is when a company takes information from another company and assigns their own information to it. For example, store brands are not actually created by the store chain. Instead, those products are created by another manufacturer, and the store puts its own brand on the product. A good example is the “Great Value” brand from Walmart. Walmart does not actually produce those brands. They have a third party create them.

A white label press release works in the same way. Distributors can change some of the information on the release and turn it into their own. They can either opt for Private Label Press Release, where they can add their own branding (company name or logo) on the distribution report and media outlets (Distributed by their Company’s Name), or go for Unbranded Press Release option with no mention of company name on both report and media outlets.

However, all the press release distribution companies charge an additional fee to make press release white label.

The Good News

We at NewswireNEXT.com offer White Label Distribution services (Unbranded) without any additional Premium, where the name of distributor (NewswireNEXT or any other Third Party) is not mentioned on the published press releases and distribution report.

What are the benefits of white label press release distribution?

The benefits are numerous!

The beauty of white label work is everyone can benefit equally.  Since it allows other groups, marketers, to rebrand or sell third party press release services as their own.

In other words, white label is a great example of trickle-down economics.  Each person in the chain of the release garners additional marketing service for their product or service.

Who can benefit?

Businesses and Websites: When it comes to press release distribution, all the press releases published on the news sites have the name of Distributor underneath the headline/sub-headline and at the end of press release. This can be quite annoying for those businesses who do not want to reveal what wire service they chose to distribute their news. However, with NewswireNEXT white label service, we ensure that there will not be any mention of the distributor. Your competitors will never know what press release services you used to gain publicity.

Resellers and PR Agencies: Public Relation agencies and resellers can easily purchase our packages, and sell them to their clients as a part of their own services. Moreover, we do not have any special conditions or requirements for agencies. They can simply go to our order page, choose the package and place the order just like any other customer.