Bitcoin Press Release Writing Service

Within the fast-growing cryptocurrency and blockchain space, it is more important than ever to generate positive media buzz and attention. Whether you are announcing a new Bitcoin project, preparing for a new ICO, or getting ready for a major new crypto event or partnership, it’s important to have the media talking about your Bitcoin or crypto company. And that’s why it’s so important to use a professional Bitcoin and crypto press release writing service.  A good press release can convert readers and other audience members into supporters, backers and investors.


How the NewswireNEXT Cryptocurrency Press Release Writing Service Works?

For a flat fee of $199, you will receive an AP (Associated Press) Style 300-400 word professional press release that covers the who, what, why, when and where of your new project, launch, event or partnership. Our team is comprised of journalists, writers and editors who have extensive experience in covering the Bitcoin and crypto space. As a result, they know exactly what media outlets are looking for, what types of headlines attract attention, and how to ensure that a press release eventually transforms into a feature-length article, blog post or social media posting.

In order to get started, all we need from you is a brief summarizing the new item or business concept that you would like to promote, as well as one or more supporting quotes from one of your team members. From there, our team of writers will go to work creating the proper context and content to support your press release. Based on our experience, this combination of context and content is vital in order to guarantee distribution. When writers or editors receive a press release, they need to be able to answer the following question: “Why should I write about your new company or project?” That’s why we put a lot of time into creating a press release that has the greatest potential for gaining future traction on the web.


What’s our Turnaround Time?

Once you place your order, it takes us 3 to 6 days to deliver the press release DRAFT.


Outreach and Distribution of Your Press Release for Just $299

Once we’ve generated an attention-getting press release that covers all the major aspects of your new launch, project, event or partnership, you can purchase our Bitcoin press release distribution service. We guarantee maximum media placement for each new press release, including placement on some of the biggest name media and news websites in the world. We also distribute your press release to all of the biggest search engines, ensuring that anyone looking for specific news in your industry, niche or vertical picks up your story.

However, if you are someone who wants to learn how to write a crypto press release, and does not want to hire Blockchain or ICO press release writing services, then the following info would come handy.


How to Write a Cryptocurrency Press Release?

In order to maximize the reach and effectiveness of your cryptocurrency or blockchain press release, it is important to include the following elements:

An eye-catching headline – The reality is that most journalists receive a constant influx of PR pitches, and you need to find a way to make your press release stand out from the crowd. The way to do this is with an eye-catching, attention-getting headline. Of course, you don’t want to over-promise something that the article does not deliver. And you don’t want to resort to clickbait to get someone to click on your press release. However, you need to make very clear why a journalist, blogger or social media influencer should read your press release.

A summary of the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How of your new product, service or event – Optimally, you will be able to convey all the information that a journalist needs to write about your company in a total of 300-500 words. If your press release is longer than that, then it is quite likely that a journalist will simply ignore it. Remember – the job of a press release is to make the job of a journalist easier, not harder.

A unique “angle” or “hook” – In the process of explaining all the details of your new coin offering or blockchain integration project, you also need to be able to express, in a very limited amount of space, why it matters.  For example, say that you are looking to generate media coverage for a new blockchain-based distribution platform. Your unique “angle” here might be that it enables developers to reach tens of millions of unbanked consumers around the globe.

Multimedia assets – One way to make your press release really stand out from a crowd is by providing access to multimedia assets (i.e. photos, videos, infographics) that can be immediately downloaded by journalists and writers. When writing a story about your cryptocurrency startup, they will need to include some type of image to accompany the story, so why not provide access to high-resolution images that can be immediately used by members of the media? At the very least, you can provide product or company logos, or photos of the founders of your new cryptocurrency project.

Data and statistics – In order to make your press release as credible as possible, think about including data or statistics from a third-party source that will help to illustrate why your new product, service or event is so newsworthy. For example, if your new blockchain integration project will result in significant savings for a company’s supply chain, you might use data or statistics from a notable business source stating something along the lines of, “The average Fortune 500 company loses $10 million per year due to supply chain inefficiencies, according to Bloomberg.”

Social proof – Another way to show that your ICO or blockchain project is newsworthy is by including “social proof.” This social proof could be evidence that important influencers or thought leaders are using your project, investing in your cryptocurrency, or joining your board of directors. Or, if your blockchain startup has recently “graduated” from an incubator or accelerator, you can mention this as social proof that it is worth writing about. The same is true if the founders of your cryptocurrency startup are graduates of a prestigious university (such as Stanford University in Silicon Valley).

Contact information and social media links – Just in case a journalist or writer wants to clarify an important point or follow up on certain details of a story, it is important to provide contact information for them. Preferably, this will be a specific person in charge of media relations (such as the head of your marketing team), rather than a generic contact email for everyone on the web (e.g. If possible, you should also include links to your social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn).